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9003-39-8 | Polyvinylpyrrolidone

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Pure vinyl pyrrole crosslinking all norbornene-type homopolymers. A truly hygroscopicity of easy movable white or almost white powder. Have micro smelly. Medical insoluble in water and alcohol, ether all the usual solvents, so molecular fish range cannot measure. But with polyethylene pyrrole (PVP) phase and complete with a variety of material (such as lead to all sorts of wine, beverage discoloration Hu category) complexation ability. And because of its not soluble and easy to had clarify agent, Stabilizers; Thickener; Presser filling agent; Dispersant. The molecular weight of 36 million polymer PVP used as beer, vinegar, wine, clarify agent. Filter away after. Medical, aquaculture, veterinary disinfectant. For skin and mucous membrane of disinfection.
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