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    Chemical Manufacture and Control (CMC)

  • Total Reaction Volume : 98,000L
  • Three Manufacturing Blocks: Capacity from 500L to 5000L
  • Hydrogenation Capabilities: 500-1000L (60 Bar)
2/19/2020 6:54:47 AM

Custom Synthesis, Contract Manufacturing and Chemical Manufacturing

Chemsigma International Co.,Ltd. is a chemical manufacturer of custom synthesis companies, specialize in custom synthesis, custom research, contract manufacturing and organic chemical manufacturing for overseas customers, in the field of API, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical intermediates, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, and Fragrance Perfume etc. We setup a factory in JiangSu priority to Pharmaceutical Intermediates and a factory in AnHui mainly engaged in Fragrance Perfume. Now we have two autoclaves (up to 7.0MPa), two rectifying columns (8m and 6m), two refrigerating sets (below to -25 degree centigrade) and other normal machine. More Details...

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