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10222-01-2 | 2,2-Dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide

  We are the factory in manufacturing organic chemicals. We can custom synthesis or custom manufacturing 2,2-Dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide, CASNo 10222-01-2 for you.

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Purity: 98%. White crystal. Melting point 125 ?, soluble in mineral general organic solvent such as acetone, benzene, DMF, ethanol, polyethylene glycol, etc.), slightly soluble in water in (25 ?, is 100 gold water dissolves 1.5 g). Its solution under acid condition, a relatively stable in alkaline conditions easy hydrolysis. Improve pH value, heating, USES ultra-violet light or fluorescent illuminate, can make its dissolution rate accelerated greatly. Yi was reductant, such as h2s off and become nontoxic cyanogen bromide acetic acid amine, make sterilization rate is reduced greatly. The pH value from 6.7 variable to 9.7, half-life also from 37.0 h become 0.11 h. Is a broad-spectrum efficient industrial microbicides, used to prevent bacteria and algae in papermaking, industrial cooling water, metal processing lubricants, pulp, wood, paint and plywood, while the growth to breed can do slime control agent, widely used in paper pulp and circulating cooling water system. As a broad-spectrum efficient killing agent, can quickly penetrate microorganisms, and used in the membrane of certain proteins group, make the normal cell oxidation and reduction to suspend, causing cell death. Meanwhile, its branch can selectively brominated or oxidation of microorganism metabolites particular enzyme, eventually leading to the microbial death. This product has good peeling performance, when using, no foam, liquid products and water can be arbitrary than HuRong, low-toxic. Used for pharmaceutical intermediates, algae fungicidal, industrial wastewater treatment, etc
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