About Us

Be established in 2014, Chemsigma International Co., Ltd. defines ourselves as a trade-oriented company with procurement, sales and customized services integrated. We provide high-quality service to customers by interrating market resourced all over the world.

Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Chemsigma is committed to the vision of “Serving Advanced Chemicals to Global Customers” since its foundation as the core sales department of Nanjing King Pharm Co., Ltd. The company is excellent in team cooperation, fantabulous in customized service and professional in service consciousness, and it not only gets the support from our own factories, but also establishes long-term cooperation with high-quality custom laboratories, so as to solve the urgent needs of customers throughout the whole process, which makes the relationship between us and customers closer.

  • endorsed by our own factories, offering advanced chemicals
  • sourcing fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals raw material and bulk intermediates in the world
  • endorsed by our own labs, a strong team with expetise, offering quality control and analysis service
  • serving advanced chemicals to global customers

We understand that quality, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness are the key drivers for success in the pharmaceutical industry, research lab, material industry, etc. We strive to exceed customer expectations in all these areas.